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computer chair Office chairs are designed to increase workers' productivity by enabling them to sit comfortably for extended periods of time.  Swivel chairs allow their occupants to turn in a full circle and perform a variety of tasks in their work area without getting out of their seats.  Chairs with wheels also allow for greater range of mobility; you can roll from one end of the desk to another without having to get up or scoot an otherwise awkward chair.  Many of today's office chairs also have adjustable seats, heights, armrests, backs, and lumbar supports to help prevent stress injuries and back pain.

ergonomic office chair The style, size, and covering of an office chair are often used to subtly convey one's status in the business world.  For example, while most clerical workers use rolling, swiveling cloth-covered chairs, the chief executive might use a larger, high-backed leather chair.

Choosing the right office chair is important for your physical well-being, especially if you sit in the chair for a number of hours each day.  Make sure the chair you select allows you to sit upright with your feet on the floor and your knees at right angles.  A slumped seating position or limited lumbar support can cause neck pain or back pain.  If you work at a computer, make sure your desk height is about 27 inches to help you relax your shoulders and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.  To further protect your wrists, consider putting wrist support pads in front of your keyboard and mouse.

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Office furniture manufacturers offer a broad range of office chairs, and ergonomics is an important consideration.  Many ergonomic chairs are designed to help you sit with proper posture and avoid muscle tension, but each individual is different and no single ergonomic chair design is best for everyone.  So you should test several chairs before buying one.  This will help ensure that your selected office chair has the features you want and the comfort you need.

Office Chair Manufacturers

  • Herman Miller
    Manufactures premium Aeron office chairs - high-performance, fully adjustable, long-term seating.
  • KAB Seating
    This UK-based firm features work chairs and office seating solutions for hardworking environments.
  • HumanScale
    This ergonomic office products manufacturer offers task chairs, keyboard supports, and monitor arms.
  • Nightingale Chairs
    This Canadian firm offers inventive office seating solutions featuring comfort, quality and innovation.
  • Stylex
    Offers office seating products satisfying the aesthetic and budgetary demands of the contract community.
  • Global Furniture Group
    This office products manufacturer offers a wide range of affordable office chairs and furniture.
  • Neutral Posture
    This ergonomic seating products supplier features chairs with pressure-reducing seat and back contours.
  • Steelcase Seating
    Quality commercial seating products, including office chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs and stack chairs.
  • Allsteel Seating
    This Iowa-based firm offers quality office furniture that is designed to work and built to last.

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